Our Story

Welcome to Frontline Jerky, where our jerky is not just a snack, but a symbol of support and strength. Founded by Kyle Hobbs, a Navy submarine veteran, and his wife Morgan, a Pediatric Cardiac ICU Nurse, our mission is rooted in a deep commitment to our community and its heroes.

Kyle's journey from the depths of the ocean to crafting high-quality jerky showcases our dedication to excellence and resilience. Together with Morgan, whose tireless efforts in the ICU inspire us daily, they embody the spirit of service that Frontline Jerky strives to support. This family-owned business is powered by a passion for health, energy, and community.

At Frontline Jerky, we take pride in our product. Each bag is filled with premium, free-range beef sourced from Levy County—known for its rich, natural landscapes which contribute to the robust, clean flavor of our jerky. Our snacks are not only packed with energy but are also a healthy choice for those on the go.

We are proud to support Bronson Youth Sports and Bronson Speedway, initiatives that resonate with our values of teamwork and vigor. With every purchase, we donate $2 to frontline youth programs, ensuring that we are not only fueling bodies with high-quality protein but also empowering the next generation of leaders and adventurers.

Join us in our commitment to taste, health, and heroism. Frontline Jerky isn’t just a treat; it's a tribute to those who serve and a support for the future they are helping to build. Enjoy the real smoke, real flavor, real beef, and the real energy that comes with every bite. Your snack choice can make a difference—choose Frontline Jerky.

Kyle Hobbs

The dynamic owner and president of Frontline Jerky, is driven by dedication and a patriotic spirit. As a proud Navy veteran with experience on ballistic and guided missile submarines, Kyle honed his leadership skills and commitment to excellence. Inspired by his demanding schedule and the need for a sustaining snack, Kyle developed what would become Frontline Jerky during his time at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Beyond business success, Kyle is a father of 3 & married his high school sweetheart Morgan Hobbs. Nowadays, his mission extends to supporting youth frontline explorer and cadet programs nationwide, aiming to inspire and cultivate the next generation of frontline heroes, from firefighters to nurses. Through Frontline Jerky, Kyle is nurturing a strong, committed future for young Americans aspiring to serve and protect.

Morgan Hobbs

Morgan Hobbs, known as "the Captain" among her friends, is a shining beacon of compassion and dedication in the medical field. Hailing from Apopka, Florida, Morgan is a proud native of the Sunshine State. Her nursing journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic, where she discovered her passion for helping children thrive. She now work as a Pediatric Cardiac ICU Nurse.

As a mother of 3, Morgan's heart is filled with a deep love and passion for helping children thrive. Her life goal is to ensure that every child she cares for has the opportunity to live a long, healthy, and prosperous life. Inspired by her experiences, Morgan aspires to further her impact by becoming a Pediatric Flight Nurse, aiming to provide critical care to children in need, wherever they may be.